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Book a table at one of Mayfair’s most high-class Indian restaurants this New Year – or treat someone else to the pleasure

January 17th 2023

As another New Year looms, so many of us are looking to get into new habits – but not all of those need to entail signing up for a gym membership or watching our waistlines. Indeed, early 2023 might just be the time to immerse oneself in new social and taste experiences, such as those on offer from one of Mayfair’s most stylish and talked-about dining establishments. 

How could one possibly introduce Manthan, the contemporary Indian restaurant that has come to grace the affluent area’s Maddox Street, occupying an elegant townhouse?

Well, one could refer to it as simply the latest exciting project of Michelin-starred chef Rohit Ghai and his business partner Abhishake Sangwan, a renowned duo who have already cultivated all manner of rewarding culinary experiences for some of London’s most discerning diners.

Rohit has taken the London restaurant scene by storm over the past decade, ‘en route’ to becoming one of the culinary world’s most in-demand chefs. Meanwhile, his co-founder Abhishake has built a formidable reputation in brand and concept development and procurement in the hospitality sector.

Following the opening of Rohit and Abhishake’s first ‘solo’ restaurant in the UK capital – Kutir – to a hugely positive reception in late 2018, the chef patron and his business partner have swung open the doors to Manthan, in the space that was formerly home to Lucknow 49.

What can diners expect from Manthan?

Where does one begin? Those who have already sampled Rohit’s painstakingly created gastronomic delights are likely to quickly recognise this sleek venue’s innovative, but also traditionally grounded take on Indian food and cocktails.

It is an approach borne out of the chef patron’s love affair with food that owes much to his culinary experiences in kitchens across the globe, but also to his very first experiences with irresistible dishes, during his childhood in Madhya Pradesh.

In short, diners can look forward to authentically home-style cooking that also reflects an unstinting commitment to – and adeptness in – professional techniques. Whether your gastronomic tastes lean towards the best in tantalising curries, mouth-watering grills, or cocktails inspired by the seven oceans of the world, you have every reason to make Manthan your Mayfair dining destination in 2023.

So, why don’t we make that process even quicker and easier for someone close to you?

Yes, that’s right; we’re referring to our extensive range of gift vouchers. Available in denominations ranging from £20 all the way up to £600, and able to be delivered by email or by post, our gift cards provide a direct route to an enchanting evening – or several – at our resplendent establishment for a relative, friend, colleague, or someone else who is special to you.

Alternatively, of course, you could simply book a table at our Mayfair restaurant for yourself – not least so that you can sample the new favourites of yours that you can then enthusiastically recommend to others.

The New Year may be about creating a “better you”, but that task doesn’t have to be mundane or a chore. It can also be about putting yourself in touch with new life pleasures – and our Mayfair restaurant will be serving so many of exactly those throughout 2023.

Discover the story behind Manthan

‘To churn and reflect’

Manthan is a reflection of chef Rohit Ghai’s life in food.

From the markets of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh (where he grew up) to professional kitchens all over the world, Ghai has experienced myriad flavours and cookery techniques, all of which come together in his new Mayfair kitchen.

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