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HuffPost contributor hails Manthan for the “authenticity” of its Indian cuisine

March 16th 2023

Many of you reading this – and certainly those of you who have dined with us previously – will know how highly we prize Indian cuisine that is not merely high-end, but also an embodiment of everything that makes the actual gastronomy of the Indian subcontinent so special.

So, you can probably imagine that we were enthralled to see another positive mention of our high-end Indian restaurant in the media, which also touched on how faithful our dishes are to the culinary delights one can expect to find in India itself.

The search for Indian cuisine that truly lives up to the wonders of the subcontinent

That mention came from Shivani Dubey, who wrote for HuffPost that while “Indian food is always a delight and London is filled with some incredible Indian restaurants for everyone to try out… as someone who is from India, I find it very hard to find restaurants that are authentic to the cuisine and culture I grew up with.”

The writer went on to recall past instances of when she had been recommended an Indian restaurant, only to later discover the eatery in question was “not that authentic at all” or had been “watered down to suit a more western palette.”

And of course, there’s nothing wrong with favouring that approach, as the writer herself acknowledged. But in her piece setting out a number of Indian restaurants that she recommended as “must-visit” destinations, the journalist made mention of Manthan, and we were delighted with her verdict.

A fusion of “home-style Indian food with restaurant-level grandeur”

In her article providing a rundown of “Incredible Indian Restaurants In London To Try This Holi” – referencing the Hindu festival that celebrates spring, love, and new life – Ms Dubey cited Manthan as among “the best authentic Indian restaurants” that “wouldn’t reduce an Indian grandma to tears”.

Of our “beautiful” townhouse restaurant specifically, located at 49 Maddox Street in the affluent and elegant London district of Mayfair, she observed that we offer a “selection of menus for different occasions like Mother’s Day, Women’s Day and Holi. It fuses home-style Indian food with restaurant-level grandeur.”

Needless to say, we are deeply flattered and honoured by such words, especially given that in establishing Manthan, Michelin-starred chef Rohit Ghai and business partner Abhishake Sangwan did not set out to open ‘just another’ high-end Indian restaurant in London.

Instead, the enterprising duo aspired to go so much further than that, by putting together an innovative and refined dining experience that also recreated the magic of the dishes that Rohit grew up with as a youngster in Madhya Pradesh.

It therefore thrills us to hear diners and journalists like Shivani Dubey indicate that we have got that particular approach ‘just right’! To experience for yourself our assuredly authentic Indian gastronomy in the splendid setting of our well-appointed Mayfair premises, please don’t hesitate to reserve a table with us today.

Discover the story behind Manthan

‘To churn and reflect’

Manthan is a reflection of chef Rohit Ghai’s life in food.

From the markets of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh (where he grew up) to professional kitchens all over the world, Ghai has experienced myriad flavours and cookery techniques, all of which come together in his new Mayfair kitchen.

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