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Maddox Street, and its esteemed contribution to the story of Mayfair

April 12th 2023

As is unlikely to be news to you if you are a regular reader of our news section here at Manthan, we take great pride in our restaurant’s deeply entrenched historical associations, extending across the lives and careers of our co-founders Rohit Ghai and Abhishake Sangwan, but also broader Mayfair itself.

What about those associations as far as our Maddox Street premises is concerned? Even by ever-affluent Mayfair’s standards, this is a part of west London that is steeped in enviable history.

From 18th-century English aristocracy to 20th-century pop royalty

Completed in 1720, Maddox Street played its own key role in the rise of Mayfair to the pre-eminent social and cultural status that it has retained over the ensuing centuries. Its name derives from Sir Benjamin Maddox, who owned the Millfield estate on which the street was constructed, and it is fair to say this splendid area of the capital has built links with many more legendary names since then.

Maddox Street has been home to well-regarded art galleries and even a Museum of Building Appliances (now sadly no more). And it has hosted such famous residents down the generations as the Member of Parliament (MP) and brewer Samuel Whitbread (1796-1879), the musical antiquary Harry Wooldridge (1845-1917), and the bohemian socialite Edward Gathorne-Hardy (1901-1978).

Fast-forward to more recent times, and from offices at 46A Maddox Street, English rock band the Rolling Stones operated. The 1960s also saw no less than the “Fab Four” themselves, the Beatles, hold recording sessions at the Chappell Recording Studios, which were situated at 52 Maddox Street; the studios closed in 1979.

What is Maddox Street like today?

The great news is that today’s Maddox Street – extending from Regent Street to the Anglican church of St George’s, Hanover Square – continues to be rich in the high-class character and elegance that has made it such a draw for generation upon generation of visitors, residents, and diners.

Of course, we realise that our own luxury Indian restaurant here at Manthan has quite the local heritage to live up to! Nonetheless, we believe we have demonstrated ourselves to be more than up to the task, as shown in large part by the wide-ranging positive feedback we have received in relation to both our expertly honed, flavour-packed dishes and our beautiful townhouse setting, since we opened in 2021.

Even our specific address at 49 Maddox Street has an impressive recent history as a focal point for local diners, having formerly housed such eateries as Hamilton’s Café and Lucknow 49 during the 21st century. Manthan on Maddox Street is the latest occupant of this renowned address, the building itself a Grade II-listed property described in the late 1980s listing as a “terraced house” from the early 18th century, consisting of “brown brick, red window arches, four storeys, three windows wide.”

And as diners soon discover when they enter the premises, 49 Maddox Street continues to charm and enchant today. Distinguished by tastefully decorated interiors and an inimitable all-round buzz and elegance, the townhouse property provides the ideal setting for high-end culinary exploration drawing upon the wonders of the Indian subcontinent – or, if you prefer, somewhere relatively unpretentious to catch up with friends.

Perhaps it would be better if we ceased describing our Maddox Street venue, so that you can secure your reservation and experience the Manthan difference for yourself? We are always delighted to welcome new faces to Manthan on Maddox Street, and if you have any further questions in readiness for your own visit, please feel free to call us on 0207 408 2258, or send us an email.


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