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What are some excellent reasons to adopt a vegan diet in 2023?

May 3rd 2023

Veganism is one of those things that so many of us have been talking about in recent years, and that it seems everyone has an opinion about. Or maybe you don’t have a particularly strong opinion about veganism, other than wondering whether it would be the right path for you?
If, like many, you have begun to realise that veganism is far more than just an ethical ‘trend’, you might appreciate being given some reasons to consider embracing a vegan diet this year.

You would be doing the right thing for the animals

Yes, it is the most obvious reason for many people to embrace veganism, but this does not make it any less powerful; “route one” to reducing animal suffering is simply not eating them.

In fact, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), every vegan saves almost 200 animals a year. So, even if this is your only reason for going vegan, you can still be sure that you will make a real difference.

It could help achieve sustained weight loss

If you have been trying to shed the pounds lately, you may be interested in the link that research has drawn between a healthy and balanced vegan diet, and achieving weight-loss goals.

It is thought that this is largely due to a plant-based diet being much higher in fibre, as well as generally lower in calories. The fibre content will help make you feel “full” and less inclined to overeat, potentially helping you achieve that figure you have been yearning for.

It can support your all-round health

Not only could following a vegan diet help you look thinner, but you could also enjoy better health in general. The world’s major dietetic organisations state that a balanced vegan diet contains all the essential nutrients for the body.

Research has also indicated that those practising a vegan diet could be at a lower risk of developing such conditions as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

There are many excellent options for vegan cuisine in today’s world

Contrary to the perception in some quarters from decades past that vegan food was necessarily dull and tasteless, in the 2020s, there is all manner of sophisticated and satisfying culinary sensations and flavours that can be experienced by those pursuing a vegan diet.

Our own high-end vegan cuisines here at Manthan are an excellent demonstration of how practising a vegan lifestyle doesn’t have to mean in any way “going without”.

Our vegan options are informed by much the same philosophy that guides the rest of our dishes, drawing upon the deep well of gastronomic inspiration afforded by the Indian subcontinent, and combining traditional home-cooking with exacting professional techniques.

So, please do not hesitate to click through to our latest menus to discover more of the high-end vegan cuisines that await your appreciation at our beautiful Maddox Street townhouse – followed by calling us on 0207 408 2258 to reserve your table.

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